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I seek to partner WITH you to make your ideas, ventures, and impact tangible. 

My Services
Executive Strategy Counsel

Leadership can be lonely. With C-Suite expertise and being an innovative, entrepreneurial thinker, I can be your executive sounding board. 

Financial Impact & Investment Strategist

Do you have capital that you want to activate toward a cause? I can help you get started or navigate the menu of creative financial structures.

Launch Strategist

Starting something new (program, initiative, venture)? I can turn that idea into action, and get the ball rolling.

Pitch Coach

I've been a seed stage investor and vetted over 600 global enterprises across sectors. I can demystify behind the curtain in investors' minds.

Who I Serve

Those deploying


Those building


Impact Investors



Funding Institutions

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Social Enterprises

Non-Profits Leaders

Visionary Individuals

By far, she is one of the most influential, strategic-minded innovators I've ever had the pleasure of working with in my career. All I can say is, 'as advertised, and more.'


Philanthropist & Social Entrepreneur

Women Colleagues

Rates vary based on scope and engagement.

Billing Options:

  • Monthly Retainer (most popular)

  • Hourly Consultation

  • Project-Based (case by case)

"Anna strengthened the effectiveness of my communication skills, helped me to improve internal team relationships, increased the effectiveness of my leadership and management skills, and encouraged accountability and goal attainment, while decreasing procrastination.


It's been hugely beneficial - to my professional growth and to my mental health - to have her in my life this year."

Female Non-Profit Executive


"Some of Anna's strengths as a coach include: 

  • Motivating and inspiring without pushing;

  • Helping to distill big ideas into concrete and practical action steps;

  • Helping you to grow your ideas while staying connected to your values and what truly matters to you;

  • Reading between the lines and reflecting back with clarity and insight;

  • She has a broad toolbox and uses whatever she can to meet your needs in the moment;

  • She comes from a place of wanting each person to really thrive and share their gifts in the world."

Female Entrepreneur

Pro Bono Clients

Talent, promise, and sincerity don’t always correlate with ability to pay. Therefore, I'm intentional about earmarking a percentage of my time for pro bono consultations and coaching. If you’re a social entrepreneur, non-profit leader, or socially-oriented visionary, please feel free to reach out to me and share what you’re up to and why you’d like to chat.  I’d love to be a sounding board and help you along on your journey. I’ll do my best to help refer you onward also for more resources, organizations, and support services to continually keep you going.

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