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I believe in walking the (entrepreneurial) talk, and am on a continued journey to express my care and own impact passions tangibly in the world. Below are some of my current ventures and projects in progress. If something resonates or piques your curiosity, please reach out. I'd love to share more and connect with like-minded/like-hearted collaborators. 

My Passion For Empowering...

Aims to support and activate more diverse sources of philanthropic and investment capital 'upstream' to serve as allies and partners of social enterprises led by diverse leaders 'downstream.'

For Individuals:

  • Strategic Advisory for Pro Athletes, Artists & Agencies

For Peer Groups

  • Developing Financial Peer BIPOC Networks

brandy-kennedy-SoX7rpRAEuI-unsplash (1).jpg

Aims to provide residential housing support for single mother start-up entrepreneurs. The goal is to create a launchpad and business incubator for their ventures, and a strong foundation of financial stability for them and their children into the future.

4 Pronged Model:

  • Housing Stability

  • Entrepreneur Coaching

  • Community Building

  • Investment in Self

LF Community 2021.png

Leap Forward is an interdisciplinary community committed to empowering our own individual highest consciousness and personal growth, as well as cooperating to bring our practices, tools, and gifts to other like-missioned communities. We're 14 ordinary people from around the globe on a mission to EMBODY the change we want to see in the world, beginning from the inside-out.


Below are some issues and third-party resources that I love and recommend. 

For Entrepreneurs

Young Businesswomen

For Investors

Leadership/Personal Growth

Image by Joel Muniz

Women's Empowerment

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