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Empowering Diverse Capital

Activating capital allies toward aligned causes

I believe there's an over-looked need for human capital investment and tailored community building to shake up the traditional funder-fundee racial dynamic. My intention is to activate more diverse sources of philanthropic and investment capital 'upstream' to empower social enterprises led by women and leaders of color 'downstream.' What could it do for the solutions we bring to our communities if more social entrepreneurs had funding allies who resemble them, and have lived the social issue they are addressing? 




Defining Your Legacy

  • Philanthropic advisory

  • Social impact strategy

  • Innovating in impact financing

  • Business team facilitation

For professional athletes, influencers, their families and their agents/business teams, who want to move beyond writing checks to a more savvy, integrated social impact strategy leveraging all their assets. 

Sample: Playbook of Impact Options


Expanding Social Capital Networks

  • ​Social impact and financial innovation training

  • Impact industry partnership development

  • Group facilitation & workshops

For small or large groups of financial peers, interested in expanding their abilities to support members with their respective philanthropic and impact investing interests.

My Ethos

Invest INTO

Like with schooling or professional development, the more we are invested INTO, the more we can invest in our communities in return. I believe that investors/funders are no different. I'm curious to learn and help co-create what intentional spaces, peer networks, convenings, learning communities, etc. that Black and Brown wealth holders may want to feel supported, empowered, and capable to fulfill their social impact goals for their wealth.


How can we create more on-ramps for diverse potential funders to have agency, collective influence, and feel empowered in creating social impact? 

The Journey So Far

Spotlight Series: Black Perspectives

No entrepreneurial idea is born in a vacuum. In reality, many people contribute their time, intellectual perspectives, emotional energy, and networking support to help us identify market opportunities and strategic gaps, explore and reflect within ourselves where we can uniquely serve, and refine our creative ideas and solutions. I want to honor those who have contributed to this exploration. In these ongoing Spotlights, I will share lessons from some of the colleagues who have helped, and continue to help, push the evolution of my ideas forward. It’s a peek behind the curtain while I am still ‘in the process’ of understanding the existing landscape. And also a nod of appreciation to those who invest in me along the way.

The Origin Story

I wrote a blog post to spotlight Black Women’s Equal Pay Day on August 13. 2020. In it, I shared my personal and professional reflections as a gender lens investor and what inspired my sincere and intentional curiosity in supporting and promoting the power of Black and Brown capital to catalyze solutions in the world.

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