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Empowering Single Mom Entrepreneurs

Providing a Stable Launchpad for Mom-Preneurs to Change the Trajectory of their Family's Future

I believe in the ROI of single mothers--resourceful, tenacious, committed, and worthy. Investing in them first as women who are the single heads of their households, and secondly as professionals with entrepreneurial ventures. I want to alleviate the financial burden for single mothers who struggle to provide stable, safe housing for their children, to give them a fair chance to see if their business can succeed. It takes more than capital to launch a venture; this is a holistic investment in a woman first, business plan second. 

Mother Working from Home

4 Integrated Pillars

  1. Safe, Stable, and Subsidized Housing

  2. Intentional Investment in Self

  3. Personalized Business Incubation 

  4. Social Capital Development and Resource Network

Incubator Launchpad Model
Mom-Preneur Launchpad Residency Concept_Simplified for Website.png
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Seeking Collaborators

Do you have expertise in impact real estate, case management with single mothers, or creative financial models for sustainability? Please reach out; I'd love to connect, learn, discuss, and possibly partner to bring this venture to life. 

Thanks for reaching out!

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